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  • Greatings and intro .
  • First impression was good and somewhat satisfying.
  • I was and iam happy with the service provided.
  • Staff are very friendly and willing to assist at anytime needed.
  • Nurses/Doctors -> explained well of the process and were willing to offer more info in need.
  • Cleanliness is grate beds change every day or if requested.
  • I see PIH as an important health care department here in PNG with presence of many specialist and good health core system.

Mr Ahamed Abdi Hajji

  • Call button toom 405 C was not good therefore no impresive from the hospital personal where need therefore walk to the counter to set help more to 405 A.
  • Dietician was very good as serve patients was on low profit provided good advise and service to us.
  • Overall attentence by Nurse and sisters general was good unique of todoit/choose was good.
  • Higines was good. Change bed covers /great cleness good.
  • Dr Modia was very help and kind ensure are problems were attended.

Mrs. Essie

  • Caring nursing staff.
  • Professional medical staff.
  • All medicines are readily available.
  • Clean, neat and very tidy.
  • You pay a lot of money to get the best results
  • Front desk ops are some times frustrating..
  • Every thing else is good around.

Maso Raka

Delivered my 2 children there, service is excellent. ..keep it up!!!!!

Vanky Hlendau Kenia

Yeah been there once brought in my colleague the service provided is genuine of good quality to serve the people with service providers with smiles on face

Janet Sangopa

yeah been there once...efficient service provided by the specialist doctors there. This nation needs more specialist and private clinics to increase our life span

Tom Pali

State of the art facilities there for proper diagnosis and treatment.Soon we won't need to travel overseas..

John Hetabu

Well, with current population boom the PIH service is very much needed. Who else will assist if nobody like PIH is here to help?

Elaine Iaru

I like the service provided there cause it's just matches value for money!

Berldon Timah


George Pariwa

They have good service .

Bernadette Shirley Sudan

Providing best quality medical service across PNG.

Leslie Homoka

Leading the Health Services with the State of the art medical technologies in PNG.

Samuel Maima

Dear Dr Edgar and Team LIH,We kindly acknowledge and thank you all for the undivided medical attention and care for our crew member. With your assistance and care he is now recovering well.

Ms Madina Deganu

As you are aware, I was admitted to your hospital in March and urgently required medical attention.
The care and attention that was afforded me was second to none. The staff, including CMO, Dr Juele and the Radiologist, Dr Joni and the nurses warm smiles made we feel well.

Ken Rohan

I am a Member of the Parliament and I approve that hospitals like PIH8 are here and growing and part of getting the money into PNG rather than out of it. I have used their services and have found their medical care at world-class levels.