20 Special Ways to Take Great Care of Your mom


Mothers are the most significant part of our lives. They shower us with so much love and care that it is incomparable. They weep with us when we are down and laugh with us when we are happy. They are  indubitably our anchors in life. We never take a moment to appreciate all the sacrifices they do, for us. But we must. So, read on to know 20 special ways to take great care of your mom.


  1. Health is wealth 

Moms always nurture and take care of the whole family. From cooking to cleaning, they do it all. However, when it comes to taking care of themselves, they tend to completely ignore that. Mothers always put themselves at last. So, when it comes to taking care of your mom, it is important to first take care of her health. Therefore, taking her for regular health check-ups (despite her blatant No’s) is something you must do.


  1. Ask her what she wants
    Since she is always the one doing things according to everyone else in the family, ask her what she wants to do for a change. She will definitely appreciate it. And, it will make her feel incredibly special.


  1. Take her out 

Sometimes, we get so busy with our lives and work that we tend to neglect our families (even though unintentionally). But, for your mum, her world revolves around you. So, surprise her with a date. Take her out to a movie or a fancy meal and spend quality time with her. Just talk to her and listen to her talk. This will make her feel on top of the world.


  1. Tell her ‘I love You’ often 

You know you love her. She knows you love her and you know she knows. But, do you say it? Probably not too often. A simple ‘I love you’ can light up her day. It will bring in that million-dollar smile on her face, which is definitely enthralling.


  1. Cook her a meal 

She has done that for you (a lot!). So, it’s your turn now. Once in a while cook for her. A simple meal will make her feel special. It can be anything. Even the basic morning coffee.


  1. Have Fun with Her 

    You can make your mum feel like a queen just by sharing a good laugh with her. So, make new memories with her by including a good dose of humor.


  1. Encourage her to try new things 

Learning new things and interacting with new people builds confidence. And, this will help your mom do well in her life. It is the first step towards success. And, this might just make her do things, which she always wanted to do.


  1. Give her a handwritten note 

Give your mom a handwritten letter stating all the reasons why she is the most incredible woman ever. And, don’t forget to thank her for being a wonderful parent and for being so supportive. This will mean the world to her.


  1. Give her the respect she deserves 

Always treat your mother with respect. She has done so much for you! She has earned it. So, treat her with utmost honor, dignity, and appreciation.


  1. Scrapbook for memories 

Put a little scrapbook together with some wonderful memories. Make sure you dig deep into all those old photo boxes and find something really special. Make it funky and creative and look at it with her. It will be great, going down the memory lane with her.


  1. Start a small DIY project with her 

You could probably redo the interiors of the house or take up some DIY project together. This will definitely help you bond better with your mother and have fun with her.


  1. Take her out with your friends 

Mothers love Public Acknowledgment. They love being bragged about. So, take her out with your friends, show her off in front of your friends, and give her all the credit (she deserves it). This will be a great honor for her and she will absolutely love it.


  1. Make her feel needed 

As your mother gets older and as you grow older, she might start feeling left out and unwanted. Yes, you know that is not true, but it is important to make her realize that you can never stop needing her. Take her advice, go shopping with her, just make sure you include her in your life.


  1. Loyalty 

Always be loyal to her and never undermine her. This will seriously make her feel good.


  1. Send her flowers 

Why? Just because. Occasionally, send her flowers for no reason at all. This will make her feel like the best mum and she will absolutely adore it.


  1. Buy her a special neck chain 

A lovely necklace with a special inscription will make her feel special. She will cherish it and always wear it proudly.


  1. Take her to a spa 

A whole day where someone will pamper you? Isn’t it great? Yes, it is. Your mum will love it. It will make her feel incredible and so very special.


  1. Just let her take a nap 

She could definitely use one. So, why not? You do her chores and let her go to sleep.



  1. Give her hugs 

Make sure you hug her every time you see her. This will make her feel cherished and loved.


  1. Tell her she is beautiful 

Everyone goes through confidence issues. So, when you tell her that she is beautiful, she will feel good about herself.