Back to school: Here are some few tips for parents

Starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement as well as anxiety for your child. Whether they are social or not, kids have a hard time making the transition back to school from a fun-filled summer. Help calm your child’s fears as well as those of your own by keeping in mind and following these tips.



Take a tour of the school


If your child’s school allows or hosts an open house, make sure you attend it, along with your child. Familiarizing your child with his school and environment will help him to adjust better. You can meet teachers, take a tour of the playground, find his desk together. With an older child, have him take you on a tour of the school. This will help in refreshing his memories of the school and once again get comfortable in that environment again.



Meet your child’s new teacher


One of the biggest fears of a child before starting a new year is “Will I like my new teacher?” Taking the plunge early on can help assuage your child’s fears. If your school allows contact with the teacher through emails or phone calls, it could be a great opportunity for you and your child to get to know the teacher better. Some schools also host a back-to-school night to initiate contact between the students, teacher and the parents.

In case a contact with the teacher is not possible, try to look up the teacher online, in a yearbook or on a social media website.



Connect with friends


A familiar friend can make going back to school more fun. Try calling parents from last year’s class and try finding out which children from last year’s class are in your child’s class this year as well. Arrange a play date or a fun outing with your child’s previous year’s classmates so as to refresh the friendship and ensure that the kids are familiar with each other before school begins.



Ease into the routine gradually


Holidays generally tend to mess up the routine that your child follows during the time that the school is on. Sleeping as well as eating cycles get disturbed, which may wreak havoc with your child’s mental as well as physical system. Avoid the first day of school mayhem by gradually easing into a school routine, about ten days before school reopens after a break – set the alarm clock, go through the regular morning rituals, get to the bus stop or in the car at the time that you and your child usually do during school days. Reestablishing school routines before school begins gives your child enough time to get comfortable with it and get prepared for when school begins.



Avoid the last minute rush


Obtain the school supplies list on time and go on a shopping trip along with your child. Allowing your child a couple of splurges like a favourite coloured pen or a new cool notebook will not only help your child get comfortable with the idea of going back to school, but will also help him/her feel excited about the same.



Set up a well-rounded diet plan for your child


Going back to school means the beginning of usual school rituals and activities, which might take a toll on your child’s health as he/she may have lost touch with such vigorous physical and mental activities during the course of the break. Coming up with a healthy diet routine which includes enough green vegetables, proteins etc. will not only help strengthen your child’s body, but also help in increasing mental function and sharpen his/her mind.



Equip your child with a hand sanitizer


Before your child heads to his school post the summer break, train him to use a hand sanitizer before eating anything. This ensures that your child consumes his food with clean hands, thereby avoiding the onset of a large number of diseases.