Setting healthy goals this New Year with PIH

Healthy New Year Resolutions for this Year: Remember these are not for breaking!

The year has just begun bringing with it new hopes, new desires and of course your new resolution(s). As every one of us is different so are our resolutions. PIH marks this year as ‘Health for All in PNG’ and hopes to do more than what we did last year in advancing the boundaries of healthcare. The responsibilities must lie with you as well in scoring a 100% on your health report. So let’s set goals for a healthy 2016.

Keep a check on what you eat

First, try with avoiding processed foods, aerated drinks and junk foods. Do mindful eating; eat healthy and nutritious food. Try adding more fruits, vegetable salads, fresh juices in your diet. Healthy eating benefits your body in providing you with necessary minerals and vitamins, boosting your immunity, detoxifying your body and numerous other positive things. For a better diet plan meet a nutritionist and get a customised diet plan for yourself.

Enjoy alcohol but never make it a habit

People who drink alcohol daily or in large quantity often take it very casual and realise only when it starts taking a toll on their health. Alcohol is linked to many diseases like liver problems, diabetes, cancers and many more. Consuming alcohol in a moderate quantity is not that harmful. So this new year go from more alcohol to low or no alcohol, as it’s for your own good.

It is OK to be a quitter – Stop smoking

Cigarette contains nearly 600 ingredients that generate 7000 chemicals when burned, out of which many of them can cause cancer.  Smoking affects each and every system of our body, and also of those who passively inhale the smoke; it can be your loving family or dear friends. Quitting smoking is more like a wonderful gift you give to yourself; your body starts getting detoxifying, and you feel younger, you breathe better, you taste things better and you live long.

Say YES to Exercising

A minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity can do wonders for you in keeping you fit. Indulge yourself in activities that you like such as dancing, swimming, walking, gardening, etc. All these can give you both fun and fitness. Being physically active helps you to live longer, prevent many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, some cancers, and also helps in strengthening your muscles and bones.  Other benefits include improved self-esteem, sleep quality and energy level.

Make time for family

Family time is important for your happiness and overall wellbeing.  We tend to overlook this aspect because of our busy work schedules. Studies have shown the importance of having fun with family and close friends. Sharing a good family time not only helps you connect with each other better but also is proven to reduce stress.

Positive emotions make us more social and open to new ideas as individuals. So find ways to have fun and do new things with your loved ones to build your happiness. Family outings also contribute a lot to rejuvenate you from your daily monotony. So why not plan a family outing right away

Annual health check up should be on your must to do list

The old saying Health is Wealth is very true; nothing can be more valuable than being healthy and active. Getting yourself checked annually can help you avoid many health hazards. For those who suffer from conditions like diabetes, heart problems etc., regular checks are necessary to have a quality life.

Ultimately, your health matters the most to you and to PIH too.  Be healthy, feel healthy and look healthy; Wonderful health ahead is all that PIH wishes for you.