This valentine, gift your loved one a health checkup plan

The definition of gift-giving has changed with time, and today, we’re here to give it a whole new twist. Gifting your most favorite people in the world things like flowers, chocolates and clothes is all well and good, but how about gifting them something they will forever be grateful to you for? Instead of giving your loved ones things that are perishable and materialistic, why not gift them something that ensures their health and wellbeing and show your love and concern for them.


Why not give them the Gift of Health?


Our loved ones often take their health and fitness for granted. But we realise the importance of their wellbeing and health and how they are vital for the happiness of your loved ones and the key to their welfare. Maintaining and improving individual health is the most important factor in living a long, happy and disease-free lifestyle. Regular preventive health check-ups help monitor your health periodically and in a thorough and organized fashion, giving you and your loved ones the assurance of health and happiness and helping them avoid major health complications in the future.


Now, take this opportunity to gift your loved one a healthcare checkup this Valentine’s Day and earn brownie points not just for being super thoughtful and concerned about their welfare, but also for being extremely original and creative!


Need a little more convincing? Read on to find out the health benefits that a health checkup plan offers to your loved one!


  • An ounce of prevention


A very common saying regarding health maintenance, it holds more than a grain of truth. Periodic health check up helps you keep tabs on the progress of any pre-existing medical conditions, while also ensuring the early detection of diseases, thus increasing the chances of the success of treatments.


  • Transform the unknown into the known 


Even without the presence of noticeable symptoms, you may be suffering from or are at the risk of contracting several serious medical complications, owing to previous health concerns, genetics, undiagnosed conditions etc. Such conditions are revealed during regular health check ups, thus emphasising on their importance. Just like philosopher and actress Angelina Jolie underwent a double mastectomy and oophorectomy in order to reduce her risk of contracting breast and ovarian cancer that she was at a high risk of, owing to her heredity, you may also have a high affiliation for certain diseases, which you can prevent through regular health checkups.



  • Helps save on costs for treatments 


With the early detection and diagnosis of a malady in the body, health check up plans actually save you and your loved one a lot of money since conditions that are detected early can be arrested in simple ways, as compared to having to opt for complicated and expensive treatments owing to delayed detection.


  • By opting for a regular health check up plan, you improve your loved one’s chances of living a healthy, happy and long life.
  • Regular health check ups also promote better patient-doctor relationships and allow the doctor to help the patient inculcate healthy habits through regular patient education.
  • Regular health check ups also help in increasing your productivity at work, as you skip the time spent on frequent visits to the doctor, as well as the time spent recovering from an illness.
  • Regular health check ups also help you in achieving a positive outlook towards life as obtaining good health reports on a regular basis keeps you hale and hearty, as well as motivated.
  • A conscious effort towards improving lifestyle and nutrition has also been observed in individuals who undergo regular health check ups.
  • Improved confidence and rigour is another side psychological benefit offered by regular health checkups as you then have the confidence of plundering on and working hard towards achieving your goals, without having to worry about health issues pulling you back.



With a wide range of holistic healthcare packages available, you can now choose the most appropriate package for your loved one depending on their age, sex, ethnicity,  prior medical history etc.


So what are you waiting for?


Gift your loved one a health check up plan this Valentine and show your love!