Why Nurses Are Important to the Community

A nurse is a healthcare professional who is responsible for the treatment, safety, recovery, and the overall care of a patient. People have a misconception about the role of a nurse. Mostly, they assume that a nurse’s job revolves around sponge bath and bedpans. However, this is simply incorrect. A nurse plays a major role in the healthcare community. After going through years of training and specialized education, nurses become a technical expert, educator, a counselor, a caretaker of the patient. Also, most importantly, nurses are the first ones who evaluate and administrate the treatment.


For a patient, a nurse is their pillar of strength. This is because as a patient, you spend the most time with your nurse. They will not only monitor your progress, but they will be present to help you whenever necessary. They spend a lot of time with you, hence, they realize what is good for you and what isn’t. So, when it comes to your treatment plan, they communicate all of the patient knowledge with the doctor to ensure a correct treatment and a quality of care. Nurses are the emotional anchors we need when we are admitted to the hospital.


With their smiling faces and a warm heart, they do their best to make us feel comfortable. From our smallest need to our biggest ones, they do it without a frown on their face. They are so giving, never expecting anything in return. Well, it is probably time that we take a moment to appreciate everything they do for us. When you are admitted to the hospital, they immediately understand all the complexities involved with your illness. They don’t waste a moment of their time and provide the necessary counseling to your family. They are trained to provide the necessary support, even during a chronic condition.

Their knowledge, experience, combined with their people skills provides the patients with a stable environment. Nursing is not an easy job. It is taxing, and truly exhausting, both mentally and physically. From the time they begin their shift to the time they finish it; the nurses are always on their feet. From caring for one patient to another, they do it without any complaints. They store all the patient’s information in their memory and come up with new ways to make your treatment more effective and efficient.


Being a nurse means being selfless. It means giving up the holidays with family. It means endless night-shifts and weekends. It means almost no personal life. However, despite knowing all this, it did not stop them from becoming top-notch nurses. Do you wonder why? Because that is their level of commitment. That is how much they care. When you see a nurse next time just know that they are the most giving and warm-hearted people you can ever come across. Even though they are in a high-pressure job, they are always so affectionate. They never get irritated or frustrated. In fact, they will put all their efforts to make you smile.


Now, you are probably wondering what is the exact job description of a nurse? Nursing duties actually vary from one healthcare facility to another. However, apart from the admin duties, taking care of the patient and the family, communicating with the doctor to come up with a plan for the treatment, and providing emotional support, nurses may even diagnose a disease and prescribe medications. They have all the medical knowledge to do that. Nurses who work in the critical care unit are known as the trauma nurse. Here, they care for the dying patient, insert life-saving IVs and injections, and they provide the necessary support to the family.


So, now you know what a nurse does. They don’t have a set job description. They don multiple hats, making sure the patient deserves the right treatment. Often it is a thankless job, even then, you see them smile. They are critical thinkers, action-takers, problem-solvers, and so much more. Nurses are the most important part of our community. They are simply irreplaceable and extremely valuable. They are intelligent, smart, and amazing people. Therefore, next time you are in a healthcare facility, take a moment to offer your appreciation to all the hardworking nurses. A simple ‘thank you’ will make their day.