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Pacific International Hospital pioneered modern day emergency care in Port Moresby and operates one of the best equipped and competently staffed Accident and Emergency Centres in South Pacific, providing round-the-clock coverage for medical and surgical emergencies. A well-run emergency room is of vital importance in any hospital, and the quality of medical intervention provided here may help prevent a more critical condition later on.

Accident and Emergency Services at PIH include seven fully equipped emergency beds easily accessible through a separate, prominently sign-posted hospital entrance. PIH is staffed with full-time, experienced Emergency Care physicians, as well as paramedics and specialised nurses and is provided with a range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology for emergency management and support.

The Hospital’s commitment to holistic care is aimed at caring for the whole patient – rather than just the ailment – and incorporates minimal procedural protocols as well as comfort and assurance of the patient’s family.

The equipment, systems and protocols for the emergency beds have been standardised for application across the system. PIH has designed an ambulance that suits the PNG conditions and is cost-effective. These fully equipped vehicles with trained paramedics can provide needed emergency care at the site of incident and en route to the Hospital.