Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services

As a regional pioneer in providing advanced, comprehensive cardiac intervention, the Hospital uses cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques, and is staffed by a highly experienced cardiology team.

PIH is an established centre for Coronary Bypass Surgery (CABG), valve replacement, valve repair, aortic root and aneurysm surgeries. The centre also performs surgeries like pace maker implantation, angioplasty, angiography and stenting.

The centre is equipped with international quality Cath Lab, ECG, cardiac CT and laboratory services. In keeping with Hospital’s commitment to holistic treatment, the Hospital works with families to facilitate their engagement in their loved one’s recovery process. Our cardiologists explain the treatment procedures before hand to assure patient concurrence and family comfort.

The PIH cardiac team is dedicated to not only treat heart diseases but also work with others to prevent avoidable health issues in improving the quality of life across the region.

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