Visa Medicals FAQ

Before your appointment

For Australia, you need a HAP ID from the Department of Home Affairs. This applies to both clients who have already lodged a visa application and clients who are choosing to complete health examinations upfront. Please see the Home Affairs website for information on where to find a HAP ID.

For New Zealand, you need a NZER ID, or health case will be created on the day of your appointment. Note: If you have a valid passport, you MUST bring this to the examination. If you don’t have a valid passport,
please refer to the Home Affairs guidelines.

You must have completed the eMedical Client process as outlined on the Home Affairs website before your appointment.

The easiest way to book an immigration health examination is through our online booking system (once available). You can also book an appointment by contacting the chosen panel clinic.

If you have an appointment that you are unable to attend, it is very important that you cancel or change your booking as soon as possible by contacting the chosen panel clinic.

Yes. You need to be authorized on the person’s account and have the person’s HAP ID from the Department of Home Affairs, his or her valid passport number and email address. Please note the person’s identity will be checked using his or her passport at his or her immigration health examination appointment, unless an exemption has been granted by the Department.

If you have completed a visa medical within the last 12 months and you are required to do the same exams for a different visa, please contact your Visa Coordinator to have the exams copied to your new HAP ID

Medical exams are completed to satisfy a public interest criteria relating to health. It is a requirement for medicals to be completed at PIH panel centres, as we are the medical provider contracted to the Department of Home Affairs and this ensures that sample specimen integrity and security is maintained.

For 3 more information about meeting the health requirement, please visit the Department of Home Affairs’ website.

Transcript – Preparing for your immigration health examination / visa medical

Pacific International Hospital Visa Services operate medical centres around Papua New Guinea on behalf of Immigration Departments, to provide health examinations to visa applicants. We aim to make the process as efficient and comfortable for you as possible, so here is everything you need to know about what to bring to your assessment and what to expect on the day.

Documentation to bring

On the day of your appointment, please bring your original and valid passport, as well as your eMedical Referral letter detailing your personal identifiers such as your HAP ID / NZER ID. If you don’t have a unique
personal identity number, please go to the Immigration Department’s website. If you normally wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, please bring them to your appointment.

Additional tests may be required

Depending on your individual circumstances, additional tests may be required on the day which may require payment. Eat and drink as normal prior to your appointment as this will assist when you are required to provide a blood sample. Please do not bring valuables and jewelry to your appointment.

Arrive on time

On the day of your appointment, please arrive on time – not too early or too late, just right on time. To help you be sure you arrive on time, it’s important to know where to go for your assessment. The address of your
nearest PIH panel centres can be found on our website. Please allow approximately two hours for your assessment.

Entry to the medical lounge is only allowed for people with an Immigration Health Examination, or children under 18 years old with an adult. Other family or friends without an appointment will not be permitted to enter the medical lounge. We look forward to seeing you at your appointment.


We accept cash, debit / credit card and bank transfer.

For bank transfer, please make your payment 2 to 3 banking days prior to the appointment date, for payment verification. A copy of bank transfer / remittance slip should be forwarded to the chosen panel
clinic email address.

A price list for the different types of immigration health examinations is available on our website.

Please note, if our health professionals request further tests to complete your examination then additional payments will be required. Immigration health examinations are considered an ‘assessment of health’ and are not covered by private health insurance. Fees are subject to change.

Immigration health examinations are considered an ‘assessment of health’ and are not covered by private health insurance or Medicare. Fees are subject to change.

Checklist Australian Medical Visas Only

Please allow at least 2 hours for your immigration health examination. Eat and drink as normal prior to your appointment. You need to bring a valid passport, HAP ID, and your Referral Letter with you on the day. To obtain your referral letter and HAP ID you will need to complete the health declaration in eMedical.

For your appointment you must bring:

Current valid original passport, HAP ID and COVID19 Vaccine Card (if vaccinated)Important: Identity documents presented at the time of the health examination must be original. You will
not be able to proceed with your appointment if you present a digital copy or a photocopy of your passport/identity document.

You should also bring:

An eMedical referral letter, a Health Examinations list or other equivalent documentation provided to you by the department.
Prescription glasses or contact lenses.
Any specialist’s report/s about your medical condition
If you have previously been investigated or treated for TB, please bring prior records relating to this treatment such as specialist reports, treatment records and X-rays.


Please arrive on time for your appointment and allow approximately 2 hours for your examination to be completed.

If you do not bring your passport and HAP ID, we will not be able to conduct your examination.

Transcript – About PIH Medical Visa Services

There will be several parts to your health assessment. You will be welcomed by a receptionist and, depending on the circumstances of your visa, you may also have an x-ray, have some tests with a nurse and laboratory technician, and have an assessment with a panel doctor who will review your medical history and perform a physical examination. When you arrive for your Immigration Health Assessment, you will be asked to present your identification including an original and valid passport, and your unique ID number.

Your photo will be taken, so you do not need to bring photos with you. You will be given instructions at reception on everything you need to know about the exams.

You will be required to store belongings such as mobile phones, handbags, jackets and jewelry in the individual secure locker which will be provided for the duration of the health assessment. If you require a chest x-ray, long hair must be tied back. Any jewelry or metallic items need to be removed before an x-ray; this includes bras.

Tests and procedures

The tests and procedures you will be required to undertake depend on the circumstances of your visa application. Generally, most assessments will include height and weight measurements, blood pressure measurement, eye tests and/or blood samples. Our doctor will review your medical history and perform a physical examination during the physical examination. All clients will be required to remove all items of
clothing except their underwear.

As part of the examination, our doctor will listen to your heart and lungs through a stethoscope and may need to press on various body parts including your stomach, neck, and underarms. They will also need to
stand within close proximity to you to examine your eyes, ears, nose, throat and mouth.

Tests for women

You may request a doctor of your preferred gender to conduct the physical examination. If a doctor of your preferred gender is not available, examinations will be conducted with sensitivity, and you will also be
offered a chaperone to be present for the exam.

Examination results

After your Visa Health Examination, PIH will provide your results directly to the Immigration Department within approximately five business days. The status of your Australian Visa Application can be checked online
using your ImmiAccount if you have lodged your application online.
For any questions after the results of your assessment have been submitted to the Immigration Department, please contact the visa coordinator, or visit the Immigration Department’s website for further information.


For Australia and New Zealand, no, however, to confirm your identity you will be required to have your photo taken on the day. Religious head coverings are permitted however face veils will need to be adjusted to ensure full facial features are captured for the photo. Privacy screens are available if required. Please do not bring in your own photograph, PIH will take a photo when you are in the clinic.

No. Please arrive at your appointment on time. All appointments are pre-scheduled, and you will be checked-in for your scheduled appointment block even if you arrive early.

PIH is unable to provide you with advice about the processing of your visa application. We can only check and confirm that your eMedical case has been submitted to the Department of Home Affairs.

Note: If you have an ImmiAccount, Home Affairs requests that you log on to your account and check any available visa status information before contacting them.

General information regarding the immigration health examination process can also be found on the Home Affairs website.

Feedback forms are available at reception. PIH Medical Visa Services welcomes your feedback.

PIH Visa Services will submit your results to the Department of Home Affairs. Please allow 5 business days for the visa medical assessment stage before your results are available.

If you have an ImmiAccount you can check the status of your application online.

As an appointment can take up to 2 hours to complete, it is not recommended that friends or family wait.

Please note, our medical centres strictly allow entry only to those with an immigration health examination.

A child under 18 years old must have a guardian or parent present during their immigration health examination

Visa Sub Class

Your Visa Subclass will be displayed on visa and health related correspondence from the Department of Home Affairs. It will also be displayed in eMedical Client, and accessible via your ImmiAccount if you have lodged an online application or a My Health Declaration form.

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